Strategic Programs

Which Program is Right for Me?

Our strategic programs are designed to fit the unique needs of each association depending on their situation and stage of growth.

Board Training

Arm your Board members with the knowledge to protect your association and maximize their impact while they are in leadership positions. This one-hour Board training covers fiduciary and legal responsibilities, the role of the Board, antitrust exposure and much more.

Organization Analysis

How often have you thought, or heard others say, “We’ve always done it this way.” While sometimes that notion can prove to still be effective, oftentimes staff and volunteer leaders haven’t been given the tools needed to see opportunities for change. Our experience working with dozens of associations will guarantee effective help in evaluating your organization’s operations, and how it stacks up against best practices in association management.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Our approach to strategic planning facilitation simplifies the planning process and sets your Board up for success to set and reach attainable goals, drive new initiatives, and utilize tools to keep the plan at the forefront of every Board meeting. Toss out your old definition of strategic planning – think of it as crafting a roadmap to success.

Association Management Services

IntrinXec offers a full suite of association management services that can provide additional support where needed to your association leaders and staff. Services include executive director support, committee management, financial management, membership services, graphic and web design, publishing, event and conference planning, and much more!


As the founder of one of Minnesota’s Top 100 Best Places to Work for 4 years in a row, Jaime Nolan, CAE, can share tips and tactics about how to design your own award-winning culture that will help you attract and retain strong talent in your organization.

Did you know IntrinXec has developed a game?

The DiceBreaker game is designed specifically to help association leaders and volunteers get to know each other through this fun interactive game. Roll the die, draw the card and answer the question that  correlates to the color on the die! Categories include personal, professional, random, and  association experiences.

Whether it’s a Board meeting, strategic planning meeting, new member orientation or a staff meeting, this game serves as a great way to break the ice and get your attendees to laugh, unwind and  learn more about each other in just a few minutes.

Get your own DiceBreaker game by simply visiting and submitting a  request for information about our services.

Your staff and volunteer leaders will love it!