Depth Design

Design Trends – 2018

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Every year there are new design trends that surface in marketing and communication pieces. Some carry over from previous years, while others are gradually refined into something that seems more visually appealing at the time. Some of the more prominent trends you will see for this year include: Gradients or Color Transitions Duotones, Tritones, etc.…
Google Analytics Data

Google Analytics – 4 Areas to Start

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I am sure you have heard of Google Analytics, but are you using them? And if you are using them, are you looking at information that is helpful to your organization? Here are four key areas that will benefit almost any association: Behavior: Pageviews, Average Time on Page and top 10 pages. This will tell you…
Layered Communication

Use Layers to Formulate Your Communications Plan

How does your association communicate with its members? Newsletter? Magazine? Facebook? Videos? Nowadays, the options are endless and it’s hard to know where your members are looking. And who’s got time to create something for each of those different communication platforms? When it comes to tailoring messages, start with a foundation – something that is…

Preconceived Value

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Does your association have a brand? Of course it does. How strong do you think your brand is portrayed? If you are like many associations, you probably have volunteers working to market and promote your association. Do those volunteers use consistent branding in their pieces? Odds are you may find them all using wonky fonts, unusual colors, bad imagery,…

Is it time to update your association’s website?

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I recently saw a statistic that the average person touches their phone 110 times a day. I also saw one that said 46 times per day. Which one do I believe? Well 46 sounds far more reasonable, but when I think about the world around me, 110 is probably very possible. No matter where you go,…

Files of Mass Confusion

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When it comes to working with a graphic designer you will come to learn that there is a plethora of file formats out in the world. You will hear terms like: JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, EPS, AI, PSD, PDF and INDD, to name a few. You might think to yourself, “What difference does it make?…