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Google Analytics – 4 Areas to Start

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I am sure you have heard of Google Analytics, but are you using them? And if you are using them, are you looking at information that is helpful to your organization? Here are four key areas that will benefit almost any association: Behavior: Pageviews, Average Time on Page and top 10 pages. This will tell you…

Is it time to update your association’s website?

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I recently saw a statistic that the average person touches their phone 110 times a day. I also saw one that said 46 times per day. Which one do I believe? Well 46 sounds far more reasonable, but when I think about the world around me, 110 is probably very possible. No matter where you go,…

Don’t Let Too Many People Kill Your Re-branding

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So, you have decided your organization’s brand is in need of a refresh. One of the first questions that may come to mind is, whom from your organization do you involve? Should it be the board, a committee, a task force or maybe even the entire membership? It is here that I ask you to…

Three Easy Steps For a Stronger Voice in Government Relations

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Starting a grassroots legislative campaign for your association doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are three easy steps to get you started: Identify the Issues If the strategic plan you created at the beginning of the year included creating a stronger voice in government relations, but you feel like this task is overwhelming, start with…