I am sure you have heard of Google Analytics, but are you using them? And if you are using them, are you looking at information that is helpful to your organization?

Here are four key areas that will benefit almost any association:

  1. Behavior: Pageviews, Average Time on Page and top 10 pages. This will tell you how engaging your site is to your visitors and what they are coming to your site for.
  2. Audience Location: This is often an overlooked stat. This information can be helpful in determining if you should expand your association’s reach to other markets, how far your reach is and could help you determine the location for your next event.
  3. Social Media Traffic: This can indicate how effective your social media is at getting people to visit your site and can help determine what platforms to focus your efforts on.
  4. Mobile: This will indicate how your users are viewing your site: Desktop, Mobile or Tablet. Given that mobile viewing on websites has finally surpassed that of desktop viewing, this is key to determining your mobile strategy moving forward. If your site is not at least screen responsive yet, I highly suggest you get moving on it.

Now keep in mind, everyone’s use of Google Analytics data will vary, based on what their end goals are. This is just meant to serve as a starting point for your association to get the most out of your data. You may find different data points that suit your needs better as you continue to learn more about Google Analytics and what the data means.

Have questions about your website and Google Analytics? Contact Severyn Skoug, creative director at IntrinXec Management, Inc. – an AMCI accredited association management company.

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