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Three Easy Steps For a Stronger Voice in Government Relations

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Starting a grassroots legislative campaign for your association doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are three easy steps to get you started:

Identify the Issues

If the strategic plan you created at the beginning of the year included creating a stronger voice in government relations, but you feel like this task is overwhelming, start with identifying the issues. Have conversations with your Board, your members, and your committees to identify one to three priorities that involve matters of importance to your members and their industry.

Get Connected

Once you have identified your priorities, it’s time to get connected! Establish a relationship with your local chamber and find out what issues are on their agenda. Ask them to help you with introductions to local legislators and representatives who are interested in meeting your members and hearing their stories. Reach out to different alliance partners in your industry that may have similar issues and unite on issues you share.

Share Stories and Create a Strong Voice

Remember, each story creates a louder voice and a stronger case! Legislators work for their constituents. Invite them out to member companies and encourage your members to share their challenges and successes.

  • Help your members by putting together talking points that relate to your association’s initiatives and their industry’s struggles.
  • Encourage your members to testify at the Capitol during Legislative sessions on behalf of your association and the industry.
  • Work with alliance partners to gather members from each industry and team up on issues that need a stronger voice.

Be sure to share your successes and failures with your members along the way. It is important for your members to feel that their voices matter. Every step you take in your legislative journey makes a difference. It really is the power of one that changes the world!

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