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‘It’s a Little Known Fact That …’

Remember Cliff Clavin, the fictional character on “Cheers” and the bar’s know-it-all postal worker who never seemed to be out delivering the mail? He often began his witticism at the bar with, “It’s a little known fact that …” If Cliff happened to be a member of your association’s board, he might say, “It’s a…
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It’s an Election Year – Is Your Association Prepared?

As if we aren’t sick of politics already, here’s another angle to consider: Historically, the economy takes a dive during the inaugural year of a presidency. Look back at even the past three presidential inaugural years and you will see the U.S. economy experienced some level of a recession during those years (1993, 2001, 2009).…
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Depth Design

Design Trends – 2018

Every year there are new design trends that surface in marketing and communication pieces. Some carry over from previous years, while others are gradually refined into something that seems more visually appealing at the time. Some of the more prominent trends you will see for this year include: Gradients or Color Transitions Duotones, Tritones, etc.…
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