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Cyber Security

Internet of Attacks (IoA)

Ransomware, Phishing Scams, DDoS Attacks, Social Engineering … the list continues to grow for cybersecurity threats in 2017 and beyond. Attacks have become far more sophisticated than the old email from a prince requesting money.  With the Internet of Things (IoT) and our increasing connection and dependence on the internet, we will continue to see more widespread attacks across the…
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Hey Alexa: Register Me for That Convention

There is a massive cultural shift happening – one that will continue to transform the way people think, buy, and act. People’s behaviors are changing because of technologies, and rapidly. A few years ago the saying “Drive Through Generation” – the need for immediate gratification – was being blamed for “irrational” and “entitled” attitudes and…
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‘It’s a Little Known Fact That …’

Remember Cliff Clavin, the fictional character on “Cheers” and the bar’s know-it-all postal worker who never seemed to be out delivering the mail? He often began his witticism at the bar with, “It’s a little known fact that …” If Cliff happened to be a member of your association’s board, he might say, “It’s a…
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