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Election 2016 – Let’s Bridge the Divide

I wasn’t going to write about the election. I was really trying to avoid it. But now that it has consumed my mind for the past seven days, I decided to write. I have friends and family on both sides of the fence. I have colleagues who are angry and colleagues who are thrilled. And…
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Recognition – Strategies to Keep Those Important Volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeblood of every association. Recruiting volunteers is one thing – but retaining those volunteers is a challenge we all face. To retain volunteers, an organization needs to be aware of what motivates and leads each one to feel satisfied with the time he or she donates. Nothing motivates like recognition. Showing appreciation…
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Jaffe Management

Jaffe Management Acquires IntrinXec Management

Jan. 4, 2019 — NEW YORK CITY – Jaffe Management is pleased to announce its acquisition of Minnesota-based association management firm IntrinXec Management, Inc. David Jaffe, founder and principal of the New York-headquartered company, has said that he plans to keep both organizations separate for the foreseeable future, in order to maintain their successful, ongoing…
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