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Don’t Let Too Many People Kill Your Re-branding

So, you have decided your organization’s brand is in need of a refresh. One of the first questions that may come to mind is, whom from your organization do you involve? Should it be the board, a committee, a task force or maybe even the entire membership? It is here that I ask you to…
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‘It’s a Little Known Fact That …’

Remember Cliff Clavin, the fictional character on “Cheers” and the bar’s know-it-all postal worker who never seemed to be out delivering the mail? He often began his witticism at the bar with, “It’s a little known fact that …” If Cliff happened to be a member of your association’s board, he might say, “It’s a…
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Exit Interviews and Fresh Eyes

What happens when a deer first catches the scent or sound of a hunter? It freezes. Why does the deer freeze? Because motion would catch the hunter’s eye and make the deer’s presence obvious. To hide in plain sight, the deer needs to be motionless. What about things that hide in plain sight in our…
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