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Design Trends – 2018

Every year there are new design trends that surface in marketing and communication pieces. Some carry over from previous years, while others are gradually refined into something that seems more visually appealing at the time. Some of the more prominent trends you will see for this year include:

  • Gradients or Color Transitions
  • Duotones, Tritones, etc.
  • 80s and 90s inspiration
  • 3d and Design with Depth
  • Augmented Reality

Gradient / Color Transition Example:

Duotone Example:

Retro Style Example:


Depth Example:


Augmented Reality Concept:

Augmented Reality

As you design, or are having things designed for your organizations moving forward, be thinking of these things while you are reviewing options. Keeping your association relevant begins with looking relevant.

If your organization is in need a of design assistance, IntrinXec Management offers a full service creative department. Contact Severyn Skoug, creative director, to find out what we can do for you.

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