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Is it time to update your association’s website?

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I recently saw a statistic that the average person touches their phone 110 times a day. I also saw one that said 46 times per day. Which one do I believe? Well 46 sounds far more reasonable, but when I think about the world around me, 110 is probably very possible. No matter where you go, people are face down in their phones – in the super market line, work meeting, happy hour and so on and so forth.

Want another crazy fact? Fifty-five percent of people spend less than 15 seconds actively engaged on a website. I probably lost half my audience already, wow!

Given these staggering statistics, you really need to think about your association’s website strategy. Are you accessible to your members, and even non-members, where they spend a good chunk of their browsing time? Does your content connect with your audience? If your website is not at least responsive (meaning the site responds to screen size, platform and orientation of device) in this day and age, you better get with the times.

It’s time to revamp those antiquated websites, clean up unnecessary content and drill down in the analytics to give your audience what they really want when they come to your site. Whether that be the latest news in the industry, upcoming events or other pertinent member information.

So, even if a website redesign is not in your budget for the coming year, I highly encourage you to think twice. If you wait another year, you may very well miss the boat. Looks aren’t everything, but members may think twice about the value your association brings if it looks outdated online.

Responsive website design and strategy is just some of the ways IntrinXec’s creative team can help your association. If you are interested in learning more, contact Severyn Skoug, creative director at IntrinXec Management.

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